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Our Primates

Ring Tailed Lemurs

Ring Talied Lemurs

These large primates, easily recognised by their black and white ringed tail, are found only in the dry forest and bush of southern Madagascar. They are social animals living in groups averaging 17 members. While foraging on the ground for bark, flowers, leaves and small invertebrates they hold their tails in the air so the group can keep track of each other and avoid getting separated.

Squirrel Monkeys

Squirrel Monkeys

The Common Squirrel Monkey is highly adaptable. Though native to the tropical rain forests of South America they seem to thrive wherever they are introduced (intentionally or otherwise) from the Savannah’s to Florida. They will eat whatever they can find including tree frogs, insects, bugs, fruits, leaves and twigs. Despite the destruction of some of their habitats, their adaptability means the Squirrel Monkey continues to do well.

White Handed Gibbon

White handed gibbon - Primates

These small Gibbons are recognised by their white face ring, hands and feet though their body colour can vary from very dark brown to a light buff.  Naturally found in rain forests, their diet primarily consist of fruit, leaves, flowers, eggs, birds, insects and spiders.

These most active of Gibbons move faster, quieter and further each day than any other forest ape or monkey.  They can leap 30 feet from tree to tree which will compensate for the fact that they cannot swim.